What are the advantages of JUST Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Alutech Bifolding Doors

Aluminium Bifolding Doors have seen an unwavering trend in popularity over the last decade, with bifold doors becoming ever more slimline, sophisticated and durable.

In our first blog, we discuss the main advantages of JUST Aluminium bifolds based on the slimline profile from Alutech.

Energy Efficiency

JUST bifolding doors are fabricated by hand to the finest standards. A tight seal is created between your exterior and interior when the doors are closed that vastly limits the flow of heat and keeps the cold air out and warm air inside. Our door frames are minimal and one of the slimmest on the market which allows for more glass – the more glass used on a set of bifold doors the more thermally efficient they will be.


JUST Aluminium folding doors come in a seemingly endless variety of configurations to suit a range of preferences and apertures. For a given space, you might go for five or six narrow panels, or you might go for three or four larger ones – with JUST, the choice is entirely yours!

JUST Bifolds are easy to use

JUST Aluminium bifold doors, are easy to handle given they are extremely light-weight – provided that they’re properly fitted. Their slimline design allows them to be easily slid backwards and forwards.


Bifolds have a major advantage over sliding doors in that it can be folded into a far smaller space. Sliding doors cannot be contained in an area smaller than the most minimal panel – in contrast, a folding door will concertina into a tidy ‘stack’ providing additional space in your home or garden.


While it’s true that you may need to provide minimal maintenance to your aluminium folding doors, it is infrequent and simple to do so – just clean our the running mechanism from time to time and give the frame and glass a wipe down with warm soapy water to keep them looking as good as new!


Let’s face it – Smart bifolding doors and Cortizo Bifolding doors look incredible and create the WOW factor for any property. They are also reasonably straight forward to fit and with the range of colours available, can perfectly compliment any style of home.

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