Are you looking for supply only roof lanterns or roof lights?

walk on rooflight skylight

Are you looking for a supply only aluminium roof system but can’t choose between a roof lantern or a roof light? Read our latest blog that explains the difference between the two…

Roof Lanterns

An aluminium roof lantern rises out from the roof adding height and relief to a property.
Frames allow for a greater expanse allow architectural features and huge expanses of glazed roof.
Varying finishes are available – for example tinted, UV, solar and self cleaning.

Roof Lights

Our aluminium rooflights are finished to be fairly flush against the roof which avoid conflicting with the relief of the roof from the exterior view.
Aesthetic is clean given there are no visible internal joints – the JUST Aluminium roof light is constructed from a single pane of glass.
Given the expanse of thermal glass, U Values are incredibly low keeping the heat in and reducing energy bills, as well as bathing the interior in natural light throughout the day.

If you have any question regarding our standard or bespoke roof lanterns or roof lights, then get in touch with our sales team today who will be very happy to discuss your project requirements and provide a free quotation. Lead times are exceptionally short, with some standard sized available for UK delivery within 7 days.