Simple Bi-fold Door Maintenance tips

just aluminium doors

Aluminium Bi-fold doors will last for decades looking incredible and only require minimal, simple maintenance.

However, like everything, this upkeep must be carried out regularly and following simple procedures. We have listed a number of these in our latest blog.

Cleaning the Glass

To maximise the benefit you get from panoramic views offered by slimline JUST aluminium bi-fold doors, it is vital that you keep them clean and dirt free. From experience, soap and warm water is a reliable, cost effective cleaning choice but you can also purchase a window cleaning product online or from most supermarkets or hardware stores. Whatever product you choose, you must use the correct cleaning equipment to avoid streaky windows.

Everyday microfibre cloths and squeegees will help to provide a clear, streak-free finish or you can even use scrunched-up paper if you don’t have these to hand. If possible, prevent the cleaning solution from running on to the frames and try to remove any jewellery before cleaning to avoid any accidental scratches!

Cleaning the bi-fold frames

Aluminium bi-fold door frames rarely need anything more than a quick wipe with a sponge or a soft damp cloth. Avoid using any strong cleaning products that may potential damage the finish. For any stubborn stains, try using non-abrasive liquid cream cleaners.

Cleaning the Cortizo Bi-fold running tracks

Always ensure running tracks at the bottom of each panel are totally free from any gravel., stones or dirt as they can reduce the smoothness of the running gear and potentially cause damage. To do this, simply run a vacuum cleaner nozzle over the area. Some people also choose to lubricate the tracks and running mechanism using a silicon spray – easily available to buy online or in hardware stones.

Lock maintenance

To retain and keep Cortizo bi-fold locks dust-free and reduce sticking apply a tiny amount of lubricating oil to the lock and the key. Insert and remove the key several times to ensure smooth operation. This should keep your door locking system working and feeling great for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding bi-fold door maintenance, give us a call today or why not use our online bifold configurator for an instant quotation?