JUST Aluminium roof lights

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Aluminium Roof Lights

JUST Aluminium Roof Light are cleverly designed to allow water to simply glide off the surface. Our flat aluminium rooflight stands JUST 63mm above the roof upstand to blend seamlessly with any property.

Looking for a thermally Efficient Roof Light…?

Whilst JUST Aluminium roof lights allow for maximum light to fill a room (like our supply only roof lanterns), they ensure the ambient room temperature remains constant enabling you to benefit from all year-round comfort and minimal energy bills.

Using high-performance glazing components, JUST Rooflights benefit from both low maintenance solar reflective glass on the outside and low-emission laminated glass inside, structurally bonded into the unique super-slim edge, thermally broken aluminium frame providing a typical U-Value of 1.3 w/m2k (overall roof).

How Secure are Aluminium Rooflights?

A standout yet standard feature of our flat rooflight system is the addition of laminated security glass to the inner panel. This high performance, shatterproof laminated glass is included as standard on all Supply Only JUST Aluminium Roof lights and provides safety, security, noise reduction, and 98%reduction in UV rays (which prevents sun bleaching on the interior below). As a result, our Rooflights are very difficult to penetrate from the outside and the shatterproof glass provides ultimate peace of mind for the safety-concious.

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roof lights
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